Adaptiv Suit

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Using feedback collected over years of Dynamis combative experience the LBX and Dynamis teams bring forth the redesigned and upgraded combative suits
Key improvements
  • Users can don the suit with no assistance
  • Improved material and impact reduction throughout
  • The suit is now adaptable to users needs, from MMA to Military training
  • The Helmet now has increased impact protection against strikes, training blades, and training marking cartridges
  • No added material needed for the helmet for training with marking cartridges
  • It's sexier - a hit or toss never hurts as bad if you know you look cool
General Features
Adaptiv Helmet
  • Made with Poron XRD Reactive Defense material, the latest technology in impact reduction
  • Injection-molded scenario face SHIELD that can lock into place, retract, or be removed completely to adapt for MMA training
  • Adapts to both MMA and mil/LE training scenarios
  • Fully enclosed to be used with training blades without them coming through the mask
  • ANTI-FOG visor can be easily removed and cleaned
  • Increased side impact protection
  • Back panel reinforced with heavy HDPE to protect from crush impacts
  • Internal cinch strap for a secure fit
  • Can be used with all authorized marking cartridges
  • One size fits all
  • Poron XRD impact reduction chest plate / collar bone protector
  • Comfortable/secure cummerbund closure system (simulates plate carrier)
  • Removable shoulder pads
  • 4" hook and loop tab to lock the torso to the shorts to decrease torso movement
  • Zippers allow easy don/doffing when wearing thicker pants as well as keeping them tight to the body when wearing compression shorts
  • Incread mobility for kicking and knees
  • Increased impact reduction on heavy hit areas
  • Pocket in front for placement of training cup or other frontal protection (not included)
  • HDPE and foam combinations to protect from impact
  • Lycra and Spandex combo straps for comfortability and functionality;these can now be worn against the skin with no irritation
  • Arm straps are pre-set making closure quicker without the need to feed through loops
  • Made specifically for impact and abrasion reduction to the hands
  • Reduced compact size brings functionality and mobility in scenario driven environments
Each kit includes:
  • Adaptiv Helmet (x1)
  • Throat Guard (x1)
  • Torso Protector (x1)
  • Padded Shorts (x1)
  • Elbow/Ulna Pads (x2)
  • Knee/Shin Pads (x2)
  • Combat Gloves (x2)

NSN #'s
  • LBX-5200KIT (Med.) 8415-01-656-0765
  • LBX-5300KIT (Lg.) 8415-01-656-0770
  • LBX-5400KIT (Xlg.) 8415-01-656-0785