Q. Why aren't all of your products on your website?
LBX Tactical® is constantly developing new items and such always try to get them available to online shoppers as quickly as possible, if you have a specific request please send us an email from the "Contact Us" page.

Q. Does LBX® make custom products? 
On a case by case basis, we will consider manufacturing a product to customer specifications. Generally speaking, this will only be considered for large orders when the quantity desired is significant enough to offset the cost of labor and materials to complete the order.

 Q: My order says “Processing” and has for a while; what does that mean?
“Processing” means we have your order in our system and we’re in the fulfillment process.  It might be on the shop floor being manufactured, it might be in our Final Assembly stage getting straps and buckles installed, it might be in our Quality Assurance department getting the final once-over, or it might be on the shipping dock waiting to be picked up by one of our logistics partners.  When it actually gets picked up by one of the freight companies you’ll receive an email with tracking information.  Please note that since we fulfill our own orders, holidays and weekends may affect scheduled delivery intervals.

Q. Does LBX® ship worldwide?
Yes. We ship FedEx, UPS, APO, and United States Postal Service.

Q. How do I clean LBX®'s gear?
Cleaning and caring for LBX® products is simple and not unlike similar nylon products - refer to the Use and Care instructions for more information.

Q. Will you make repairs to your products if needed? 
Yes. At LBX® we stand behind our products with a lifetime guarantee. Please read our Product Guarantee for more information

Q. What time frame am I looking at if I order a backordered item? 
Backordered item availability can vary wildly from product to product. Many factors influence completion dates and availability of our products - OPTEMPO, deployment dates, service requirements, component availability, custom hardware, etc. are but a few. If a backordered item is ordered you will be contacted with an estimated completion date. If you'd like to contact us prior to ordering to find out the estimated availability, please do so.

Q. Does the price per item vary depending on quantity ordered? 
Yes, bulk orders reduce the price per item. Call for pricing.

Q. Do you have commercial credit availability?
Yes we do. Download our commercial credit application here and then fax or mail it to us.

Q. Where can I find the measurements for your products?
Most items on our website have measurements included in the information provided. If you can't find the product you're looking for on our site, please contact us. 

Q. Do any of your products have national stock numbers? 
Yes, some of them do. For products included on our website, the national stock number will be listed along with the other information about that item. 

Q. Are your products sold with any contents? 
No. For instance, our medical bags are not stocked with any of the supplies which may be shown in the pictures you see on our website. 

Q. What colors are available for your products? 
Most products can be manufactured in these fabric colors. This does not apply to waterproof bags and some other products. If you don't see a particular item offered in a color you need, then it's not typically available in that color. If you need something in a particular color that's not offered, please contact a salesperson for availability information; depending on the size of the order items may sometimes be made in 'off' colors.

Q. Do you sell children's sizes? 
No, our products are only available in adult sizes. 

Q. Do you sell any weapons? 
We do carry a limited selection of knives, but we do not carry any additional weapons.

Q. Do you carry any police supplies? 
We do carry handcuffs, keys, and batons, but the selection is limited and only sold in our showroom.